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Longtime watch collector here with a couple of dozen mechanical (manual) and automatic watches in my collection. I have just had something happen that I’ve never experienced before and I’m looking for advice. I’ve been on a long rotation with a particular lookout for the past year or so and have contributed nary a glance to my view case for several months.

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Today I eventually went back to my own case to rotate out and found one of my favorite watches, a Strela Poljot, using a shattered crystal. I live alone and no one handles my watches except me. I am befuddled how this might happen.
I recall bumping this up from a few counter edges the past couple of times I wore it, but I’m absolutely sure the crystal was not broken like this the last time I put it in the instance. Anyone heard of a crystal just randomly breaking by itself? My opinion instance is in my bedroom, and it can occasionally get cold during the winter when I’m away for a couple days (possibly 60-ish). And finally, can anyone recommend a fantastic place to ship a little known Russian watch off to get a crystal replaced?