Dedicated to the goddess in mind – tasting the Queen of Naples 8998 watch

Many people feel the “white moonlight” within their hearts. I believe that only the Breguet Queens of Naples series design can match it, if the author so chooses.Last time we recommend Chopard watch,this time we recommend Breguet watch.

Most people are aware that Arabhan Louis Breguet, the inventor of the tourbillon, is well-known. Breguet was a master watchmaker and had more than 70% of all inventions.

The Breguet Queen of Naples series’ most distinctive design is its goose egg-shaped case. This unique design is a leader in high-end watchmaking. It can be all things, art, connotation and machinery. The wearer is a source of temperament and is deeply beloved by girls.

The House of Watches invites today’s guests to experience a stunning timepiece from the Queen of Naples Series: the Queen of Naples Night and Day Display Watch.

This Queen of Naples 8898 watch, made from 18K gold, has a classic goose egg-shaped design. The gentle nature of women is highlighted by the smooth lines. This watch measures 40.05x32mm and is suitable for girls’ wrists. A total of 143 diamonds have been set in the case and dial flange. It sparkles with brilliant luster even when worn inadvertently.

The crown of Queen of Naples, unlike a traditional watch’s crown, is placed at 4 o’clock on the watch. It is decorated with one pear-shaped diamond. This large, drop-shaped diamond is reminiscent of the crown worn by the queen. The reflected light becomes vibrant after being exposed to the sun. This is a beautiful, radiant beauty that I believe no woman could refuse.

Breguet’s elegance is symbolized by the coin pattern at the outer edges of the case. These vertical stripes are a hallmark of Breguet case designs. This case is difficult to produce and must be made manually using the traditional cold rolling process.

Breguet’s patent technology for dual-dial displays is the basis of the watch. The upper part of the dial can display day and night complications while the lower part can display hours and minutes.

Both the dials are made from blue lapis lazuli and white silver-plated. They are staggered and shaped like an “8”, which is also a symbol of auspiciousness.

Two special features make this watch unique: Because the principle of the lapis lazuli dial with the balance wheel is similar to that of the tourbillon and because it is made from complex materials, the rotation is twice per hour. The balance wheel. The upper arm has the form of a pointer. It can be used to indicate the scale ring that surrounds the lapis-lazuli disc and the 24-hour time. This delicate mechanism demonstrates the technical strength of Breguet, the “father of modern watchmaking”.

Reef Tiger Love Lily Automat Women Watch #RGA1599 – POP

Promises, a solemn promise of love, forever, are not too much, no matter what adjective you use to describe the mad for love. It shows that the heart leaps at the first encounter. For many, the hot time of love is their most memorable memory. This is the time when love is passionate and flashy. The Reef Tiger Love Watch is made from the Arrow of Love. This is the perfect representation of love and is guaranteed to show your eternal love.

The Love Lily Women’s Watches has a 13mm case to match the feminine beauty temperament. It can be worn comfortably as it is extremely thin. The Love Lily watch features a slim special lug design with inlaid diamonds. It is not only a watch but perfect jewelry that will bring you joy. Love Lily RGA1599 Luxury Ladies Automatic Watches: Your perfect companion for everyday life.