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Franck Muller Custom Oppa Gangnam Style Watch For PSY

December11/ 2017

Franck Muller Custom Oppa Gangnam Style Watch For PSY Watch Releases

Franck Muller, the always interesting and sometimes over-the-top Swiss watchmaker has produced a one-of-a-kind timepiece apparently for Korean musical artist PSY. Depicting PSY doing his more than well-known horse riding dance right on the dial, the likely 18k white gold or platinum watch is full pave covered with diamonds. Black diamonds are used to fill in the large Roman numerals and the image of PSY dancing is likely hand painted.

When it comes to watches, especially mechanical watches, there is no denying that they’re incredibly complicated miniature machines. Have you thought about how those watches were created and verified prior to the first bit of metal is cut? This used to be completely done by hand with slow and drawings prototyping. However, starting in the 1990s, the watch industry has moved toward using engineering and design applications to make everything from instances to movements.SolidWorks is an applications suite that lots of high-end watch makers rely on to design and test movements digitally. In a recent movie we can observe how a Franck Muller Watches London movement design may come together, like the Giga Gong Tourbillon we are viewing in CAD.Frankly, after watching something like this, it seems almost indescribable that watchmakers could advance the craft as they did before the advent of tools like this.Of course, it probably involved a lot of trial and error, and fiddly alteration of components – in other words, quite a bit trickier than that which we have today.Even though software makes matters easier, nothing is full until the moves and cases are created in real metal. Software still is not able to account for everything, particularly the different metals and materials react to one another or era. So even though technology makes the layout of mechanical motions a lot more effective, brands still should verify and test everything the conventional way.It’s with tools like these that we’re in a position to find the jumps in design and functionality that modern watches have caused the table. Therefore, in case you’ve wondered why the previous two decades have seen watches historically never potential, this is the reason. With increasingly advanced 3D modelling tools added to the arsenal of watch creators, there’s no telling what we may wind up watching coming down the line.

Franck Muller Custom Oppa Gangnam Style Watch For PSY Watch Releases

The watch image was shared direct from a Franck Muller insider so for sure it is a legit piece for the pop superstar. PSY’s famous Gangnam Style music video on YouTube (as of this article) has over 1.5 billion views. I suppose it was about time to treat himself (or perhaps it is a gift to PSY). franckmuller.com