Gucci is our favorite fashion watch, let us enjoy

In the ending of this Gucci Resort 2018 series, held in Florence’s extravagant Palazzo Pitti, ingenious manager Alessandro Michele sauntered down the yellow carpet with a green Knicks baseball cap, a couple of bracelets in the Le Marché des Merveilles set, rings on each finger and a snowy T-shirt emblazoned with two intertwined pink snakes along with also the call to action: Guccify Yourself.
Ever since Michele set foot Gucci, the talented designer has throw his diverse, opulent and irreverent appeal on what the brand produces. Holding Michele’s call to action, we’re going to play with role change at The Jewellery Editor now. Rather than picking my favorite Gucci watches, the collection has produced a wish list of their favorite Gucci models, and have selected a watch which best matches their personality and style.

Claire Roberts, our managing editor, has chosen this Plexiglas variation:
“Is it a watch or is a bracelet? This Plexiglas watch using a studded necklace in dark gray will operate well flawlessly with my dressed-down T-shirt and jeans design”
Plexiglas, the trademark title of a material manufactured out of acrylic plastic, is not something you come across frequently in watchmaking, but with Michele on board, whatever is possible. The translucent gray Plexiglas case and necklace give the watch a really 1970s mood and feel to the watch and, along with the yellow gold PVD studs alongside a sword dial, and possibly neo-Glam Punk is a much fitting description.

“I am working on my ensemble for a 1980s dress-up celebration, which is just ideal as it catches the joy of that decade.”
With its own rainbow Plexiglas case and bangle, finish with golden glitter and vibrant crystal figurines, you may virtually hear Gloria Gaynor singing in the background. In addition, I love the rich and vivid colors of the roaring feline”
The G-Timeless 38mm variant fits right in with all the Alessandro Michele’s”gender-fluid” strategy to watches and jewelry. Instead of a leather strap, the watch contains a black rubber strap with a notable, elevated Gucci emblem.
“I really enjoy the color of the synthetic turquoise dial, which is fantastic for its fast approaching summer, along with the studded bezel makes it distinct without being too out-there.”

The crackled turquoise dial in addition to the pyramid studs onto the bezel add a tactile element with this watch, and that, like the majority of the variations selected by The Jewellery Editor, is paired using a Swiss watch motion.
Amy Williams, who is in charge of our social media, has gone to get this Specific Le Marché des Merveilles variant:
“I actually like the NATO-style strap and cloth dial, which is on fad but with a Gucci twist. The texture proceeds using the embroidered snake, a feature you simply notice on close review.”
Amy’s alternative is hallmark Michele using its snake theme embroidered on the dial along with also a unisex 38mm diameter instance.