Have Watch, Will Travel — among the Ideal GMT Watches

It’s difficult to beat the appeal of a travel watch–even at a time once we’re travelling a whole lot less. To start with, they’re super operational, as someone who Googles’Global meeting planner’ on a weekly basis, being able to glance at the wrist and immediately gauge the time in some far-flung corner of the world is amazingly helpful, and that is even before getting to the on-the-ground benefits of a GMT when you are actually travelling.

The second key to the enduring popularity of this GMT watch is that the love of everything. There is something about looking down at that orange GMT hand, or city name that you’ve just seen on a map that stirs the heart, that speaks to the possibility. Sure, you may be stuck in your desk at 4 pm Friday, but it’s a brand new day somewhere else, and that I dare you to tell me this idea isn’t a little bit exciting.

So we have compiled a list of seven of their very best travel chains, across a range of costs — mostly your traditional GMT (which reveal at least one time zone onto a 24-hour scale), however we have snuck in a couple of dual timers in there too. Now, this list is not definitive, by any way (as an example Patek Philippe and Rolex were equally consciously left off). However, these watches spark that delight for travel or excite in other, more technical, manners.

​This V2-93 GMT is a done take on the timeless aviation watch, with a faded grey and blue 245-hour bezel, a bold red second hand and a starburst blue dial that is pure B&R. The 41mm case and slender profile, together with the aluminum bezel insert give this view loads of old-world charm.

We can’t help but notice a few Rolex Explorer II influence here, but we will let it given how well excuted and priced the item is entire (beginning from $3,200). Among the best features is the strap–a traditional grey with just one blue center stripe, and it’s not a NATO like you might anticipate. On the contrary, it’s an elastic supplying from Erika’s Originals.