My First Grail Watch: Michele Sofisti Of Gucci Watches, Girard-Perregaux, And JEANRICHARD

Price for the opinion is of course from the domain of “high-end fashion items.” For the cost you can get a fairly pleasant mechanical watch. With that said if you can get past the “luxury brand” pricing, then this is a decently made watch that has a fantastic degree of sex appeal which should allow it to be very valued by the ideal buyers. Retail price for your Gucci Dive 45mm YA136216 is $1,350. Gucci along with the Sowind Group (that produce Girard-Perregaux watches) are equally a part of the larger PPR luxurious group. These familial ties permits for unique creations like this Gucci edition of this well-known high-end Sea Hawk diver from Girard-Perregaux. With the Gucci name on it and a redesigned case, the timepiece is simply referred to as the XL Dive, or sometimes just “Dive.” Interestingly, in the cost perspective, it opens up a bit below the Girard-Perregaux model, so let’s see how it pans out.At Baselworld 2013 James Stacey and I spent some time with Gucci to have a look at their newest wares. He was actually the one to picture these bits – so that you get my words with his wrist modeling the two Dive models. Just mentioning that in case the arm hair did not match the voice : we do not want to confuse our fine readers. James really did not have much to say about Gucci’s high-end diver with its solidly high-end Girard-Perregaux-produced motion. He’s that much of a tool watch guy. Myself, perhaps more interested by what the fashion houses are doing, considered it as a valid alternative to the GP although not with no quirks.First, let us discuss what is exactly the same about the Gucci and Girard-Perregaux watches. Honestly, it isn’t all that much. That motion is the Girard-Perregaux in-house made standard GP3300 automated movement. Gucci lays out the information about the dial in a similar, but not precisely the exact same manner as Girard-Perregaux.

That’s only sufficient to the “Sport” section of the title to apply. The case is in steel being 44m wide, and there’s a PVD black version as well. As a diver design piece it does have a rotating timing bezel and easy to read dial, in addition to an AR coated sapphire crystal. Plus, according to Gucci the colored hour markers and hands are done in colored SuperLumiNova.The G-Timeless Sport watch dials look like a collaboration between a conventional Rolex Submariner and a Gucci handbag. It will actually work in the ending though the hands are too brief – but maybe not so short as to kill the design. I am pretty certain “Gucci Sport” is also a cologne collection. If not, then perhaps it should be and may be a part of the packing. Think about it. You receive a brand new G-Timeless Sport, and if you open the box that you pull on the timepiece from a pool of Gucci Sport fragrance. Not only does the watch prove itself as a diver, but it retains the scent of Italian musk for at least a couple weeks. Now you are talking… They will need to hire me over in merchandise marketing.With white and black dial versions, and crimson, green, or blue trim – your desire to get a key colour emphasized watch is likely going to be satisfied. Image-conscious forms with some taste will find these pieces fun for less than serious days. The G-Timeless is available on a metal bracelet or vibrant NATO-strap. Rates are between $950 – $1,150.
The goal was likely to create a Casio that hip urban style types wish to wear… People who for whatever reason don’t want to wear a Casio. Compared to a standard G-Shock, the i-Gucci is much more slick, has a metallic case, more simple dial, and looks less like a piece of modern Japanese technology. A G-Shock is probably more durable in the long run, but it will not get you as many “brand things” with people. In the long run, the i-Gucci is supposed to be a useful, fashionable, and identifiable high-end digital watch. There really aren’t too many other watches quite like it out there.The bit(s) for review here would be the Gucci i-Gucci Sport watches. These come in a few styles and I had two i-Guccis to check out. They also comes in several sizes. Everything you see will be the XXL models, but they also come from the petite XL (Extra Large) size. XXL models are 49mm wide along with the XL models are 44mm wide. Though using the broad sloping bezel and lugless design they wear smaller than they are. Also note that I think the more compact i-Gucci model has less features.The steel case has been cleverly designed. I like the form and the brushed finishing in addition to the layout of the pushers. The case is also available in PVD black if you prefer. The pusher design consists of a rubber ring around the entire case. On you will find the four pushers (two on each side). It makes none of them stick out, but they are simple to see and media. The strap design is a bit strange with the strap being cut and then reattached using all the metallic bits. I think it is also to assist the strap wrap around your wrist better. I’ve seen i-Gucci watches with a ton of strap styles. Some even appear to be in alligator printed latent leather. They end with a push-button butterfly style deployant.

My First Grail Watch:  Michele Sofisti Of Gucci Watches Vs Rolex Replica Watches, Girard-Perregaux, And JEANRICHARD My First Grail Watch

Welcome back to the original aBlogtoWatch feature, “My First Grail Watch.” In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we’re speaking with Michele Sofisti, who has been in the watch industry since the mid-90s, and has be at the helm of a number of luxury watch brands which as of today includes running Gucci Watches, Girard-Perregaux, and JEANRICHARD. Yes, that is a lot. With his grail watch, I think many will find it refreshing that it was a timepiece that many aspire to, or perhaps even have already acquired – and certainly a common one in the grail watch series. What I think is most unique here is that Mr. Sofisti eventually ended up working as CEO of the brand who made his first grail – nice bit of synchronicity there!

Several models provide Swiss made automatic movements; these are typically in the higher priced versions. You might find that these are reliable timepieces which should work well for years to come. Displays are mostly analog, but they do offer a surprising number of versions with electronic displays, which will place Gucci G Watch Replica watches besides lots of the competition, which mostly eschews digital displays these days.Gucci watches womens chiodo whiteThe innovation in Gucci watches largely involves styling, although some of their models with automatic movements include a reserve power index which shows you just how much more you can anticipate your watch to operate. They use a combination of stainless steel and gold deposited via PVD (physical vapor deposition) at the construction of some of the view cases.As mid-range luxury style watches go, Gucci creates some rather cool stuff. For 2017, the Gucci Dive collection includes a few interesting models that want to combine the allure of a game watch with the appearance of embroidered fabric or printed rubber. This isn’t just uncommon generally, but quite rare for men’s watches.

aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you, and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

Michele Sofisti (MS): I’m CEO of Sowind Group, as well as CEO of Gucci watches and jewellery. I entered in this passionate industry in 1995 and I served as President and CEO of Brands like Omega and Swatch, among others. I must say that after so many years in the industry I’m now definitely taken by watches which are objects of design and technical complications. I’m also drawn by those that push me in seeking to push our company’s innovation and R&D in a very strong way.

ABTW: When did your fascination with watches start?

MS: As I mentioned, I entered the industry in 1995 at Omega. I was not an expert or a collector at that time. I was looking at watches with interest but in a superficial way. Watches then entered in my life in a strong way and I feel now completely involved.

ABTW: What was your first grail watch?

Several models provide Swiss made automatic motions; these are generally at the higher priced versions. You might find that these are reputable timepieces which should work nicely for a long time to come. Displays are largely analog, but they do provide a surprising variety of models with digital displays, which tends to set Gucci watches besides a lot of the contest, which largely eschews digital displays such days.Gucci watches womens chiodo whiteThe innovation in Gucci watches largely involves styling, although a number of their models with automatic movements incorporate a reserve power indicator which shows you how much more you can expect your watch to operate. They use a mix of stainless steel and stone deposited via PVD (physical vapor deposition) at the building of some of their view cases.As mid-range luxury fashion watches proceed, Gucci produces some fairly cool stuff. For 2017, the Gucci Dive collection has a few interesting models that seek to combine the allure of a sport watch with the appearance of embroidered cloth or printed rubber. This isn’t just uncommon generally, but quite rare for men’s watches.

MS: As a kid end of sixties and seventies, I was watching the Apollo Missions to the moon and I got so intrigued that, when I could afford it, I bought the “moon watch” – the Omega Speedmaster. It was incredible for me many years after that to go to Switzerland to work at Omega and to meet the astronauts I was watching as a kid on TV.

On the dial is an AR coated sapphire crystal, which can be nice. The instance is only water resistant to 50 meters, which means it may be OK for a swim. No more i-Gucci diving for you. It took a time to warm up to mepersonally, but in the long run I did enjoy the relaxation and style of the watch in my wrist. Let us discuss its basic capabilities. The default screen has two time zones and the date. You can swap the date out to get a seconds display. You also have the reference city of your current time and a local time below. Should you truly want, you can also go for a “digital analog” display that includes two electronic hands for the minutes and hours. There’ll always be two time zones on the dial when looking at the default screen – so make use of it.Gucci designed the digital display to fit in a round space as far as is possible. This took them to get creative with the design and appearance of the dial. This has the fundamental two numbers of the time larger than the outer numbers. For mepersonally, this proved to be the toughest part of the watch for over. Why? My brain seemed to think that the bigger numbers were different from the bigger ones. I kept confusing the time.

ABTW: As you mentioned, you got to a point where you could afford the watch, and bought it. When did that happen for you?

MS: It was not easy for me to get that watch which was too expensive for a young student. But, saving up and summer jobs allowed me to achieve that goal.

ABTW: Do you still have your Speedmaster? Or have you moved on to something else?

MS: I do not have that particular watch anymore but, working at Omega I could replace it with other models of the same product which I still have. The point is that, being an executive in the industry I ‘m absolutely committed to the Brands I work with. Today if I wear a watch, I proudly wear a Gucci watch, a JEANRICHARD, or a model from Girard Perregaux.