Nik Wallenda Takes JeanRichard To New Heights Over Grand Canyon

Nik Wallenda Takes JeanRichard To New Heights Over Grand Canyon Watch Industry News

You no doubt have heard the news (or perhaps even watched the live broadcast) of Nik Wallenda crossing over the Little Colorado River Gorge (near the Grand Canyon), 1500 feet in the air without a tether on June 23, 2013.  What you may not have caught is the fact he was wearing a watch from JeanRichard as Wallenda is JeanRichard’s latest brand ambassador (Ariel had dinner with him and vouches that he is indeed a nice guy).

Nik Wallenda Takes Jeanrichard Dilbeek To New Heights Over Grand Canyon Watch Industry News

The watch in question that crossed the Canyon was the Jeanrichard Watch Straps Terrascope (pictured up top, and reviewed right here).  At first, it may seem a little odd that someone would wear a $3,500 watch in a stunt like this – not to mention the fact of having that extra unbalanced weight.  But, when you realize that Mr. Wallenda is a brand ambassador for JeanRichard, it all makes sense. Eventually there will be a limited edition version of the watch for Wallenda.

Nik Wallenda Takes JeanRichard To New Heights Over Grand Canyon Watch Industry News

If you’re going to take risks like this (and with as wide as an audience as this viewing had), you’d might as well wear a great-looking watch – and the Terrascope fits that bill.  If you’ve not read our review, here are the hard specs for the watch below. Congrats again to Nik on his successful “stroll” over the long drop.

  • 44mm (12.6mm thick) stainless steel case with polished and satin-finished surfaces
  • AR Sapphire cystal
  • WR to 100m
  • JR60 automatic movement (Base Swiss ETA)
  • Available on a leather or rubber strap, or matched steel bracelet
  • For budget conscious aficionados we also look into cheaper Jeanrichard Quartz watches and also address the all-important problem of what is the ideal JeanRichard watch for the money and what would be the ideal JeanRichard watches worth one can expect.Don’t be discouraged if you want more time than anticipated to obtain the right watch, return to WatchTime frequently not to miss some of our top ten JeanRichard watches information, top rated JeanRichard watches reviews or best new JeanRichard watches blog posts.To indicate the venture of JeanRichard and Arsenal, JeanRichard published two brand new specially designed watches last year. There’s a straightforward time-and-date-only three-hand model and a limited edition chronograph. Nowadays, we’re going to look at the latter opinion known as the JeanRichard Arsenal Aeroscope Limited Edition.But before we dive into the watch, a bit of introduction is necessary. In 2011, Kering (formerly known as PPR) purchased the Sowind Group, that had Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard as its watch brands. While Girard-Perregaux continued its focus on the high-end marketplace, JeanRichard was repositioned to appeal to a younger audience; and so, while it’s watches containing its in-house moves, the majority of its offerings use movements sourced from ETA and Sellita in order to keep costs competitive. Additionally, it’s also striking up partnerships in an attempt to reach a larger audience, and one of the most important partnerships it has established so far is using Arsenal Football Club.

Nik Wallenda Takes Jeanrichard Online To New Heights Over Grand Canyon Watch Industry News