Scuba pioneer Jacques Cousteau’s Doxa dive watch is back

Doxa has long been held in high regard by watch enthusiasts. To everyone else, but it’s flown beneath the radar — that is until Baselworld 2019, when it published the Sub 200 collection. This revival of an archive model won plaudits well past the horology hardcore, putting the brand back on the map. Its CEO, Jan Edöcs, is quite straightforward about it:”Doxa has been undergoing an unprecedented revival within the previous 12 months.” You may see why it has occurred. Vintage divers have shifted into trend, and Doxa isn’t only affordable but has first-class credentials. In 1964, it commenced work on producing its initial dive watch in cooperation with aquanaut Claude Wesly. He was famous at the time for its”Précontinent I, II and III” missions to create a seabed habitat for people. Cousteau himself enjoyed the opinion so much he uttered an agreement for his company, US Divers, to be its exclusive distributor.
It’s no surprise, then, that Doxa has returned to this classic piece. This time, the business has reinterpreted it through the lens of cutting edge watch style, while retaining its character. The Doxa Sub 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Divers formalises its venture with the Aqua Lung, the contemporary name for US Dive watches, tapping firmly into that heritage. And, really, this 42.5mm piece clearly echoes the design of the original — the exact same distinctive minute trail, date window as well as shape — but was strikingly realised in black throw carbon with contrast white and yellow markers, secured on a black rubber strap. There’s something inherently fascinating about visiting this kind of comfortable watch in this radically new guise. There’s also one other way in which it’s different: at #4,590 it’s almost #3,000 more than a brand new, standard-issue Sub 300T. Together with the brand’s cachet soaring, it’s a safe bet that it will sell.
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