Tudor Black Bay: More Than Just a Cheaper Alternative to the Sub

The Tudor Black Bay is among the very popular divers and we often compare it to the Rolex Submariner, or that which we fondly call’that the Sub’. The reason for this is they have exactly the founder — Hans Wilsdorf. He’s the founder of Rolex, if you’re wondering where you have heard that title. Yes, Rolex and Tudor are sibling firms and that says a whole lot about the opinion. It has the same high-quality craftsmanship. Individuals will also say that the Black Bay is not a copy of the Submariner. In reality, it is its own watch. It has its own charm that is very distinguishable from the diver watches. Keep reading to learn why I feel the Tudor Black Bay is not only a downgraded version of the Rolex Submariner. THE REASON WE HAVE TUDOR Rolex was a victory. But to founder Hans Wilsdorf, something was missing. What is a great watch if he can’t talk about it with people’s purpose? Thushe made a watch brand that was more accessible called Tudor.
Think of Tudor. If Rolex would splurge on branded clothes, its frugal sibling will visit the thrift store to discover goods using a price tag. But do not get the idea. Just because it’s more affordable, doesn’t mean it is not of quality. MORE ROOM FOR CREATIVITY Tudor is somewhat more lively, while Rolex caters to professionals that desire their wrist watches formal and simple. In contrast to its company, this brand became the path of Wilsdorf for being experimental. Tudor’s watches feature additional colourways, if you would detect. Just take the Tudor Black Bay Ceramic One, for example, includes a colourway that is unique and can be geared towards the fashionable crowd. Selling a high-quality watch to get a cost isn’t a joke. They needed to sacrifice a couple of things to cut the costs down. While the Large Crown uses in-house movements in their watches, Tudor uses ETA movements. Do not worry. ETA movements are of caliber. By knowing that it’s created from Switzerland, its fine craftsmanship is guaranteed. To convince you , ETA movements are often found in luxury watches. Watch fans would wager that if your luxury watch doesn’t have an in-house motion, it has an ETA movement. THE EVOLUTION OF THE TUDOR BLACK BAY Ahead of the Black Bay, there was the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner. Read on to learn how the Rolex Submariner-based dive watch evolved into a new breed known as the Tudor Black Bay.