Why is the new color of Rolex GMT Master II?

Pair two iconic items and you will surely drive the audience mad. That is why the Rolex GMT Master II that is new colourway has been an immediate knockout. 116710BLNR. Avid fans called it the Rolex Batman. The usage of Cerachrom (i.e. Rolex‘s own version of ceramic) was not new throughout this time. But, it had been the very first time that they could achieve a two-tone bezel. The end product was a richer and more saturated colour compared to the aluminium bezels. The Batman additionally became the sole GMT watch that’s offered in stainless steel for decades Aside from being the first one to really have a Cerachrom bezel. The GMT Pepsi went to 18K white gold from all-stainless steel.
What’s in a name? Of course, at the watch wasn’t known as Batman. In fact, its name is the Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 116710BLNR as stated above. That’s a title, but let’s make it easy to remember. The four letters in the end stand for”Bleu” and”Noir”. All these are the words for black and blue , respectively. As to how it obtained the nickname Batman, the solution is very straightforward. It simply shares. Different as Night and Day You might be thinking that the blue and black mix is just for show. The reality isit has a function that is handy. And to tell the time we need a sign if it is in the AM or PM. This is precisely where the bezel comes in. Even though the blue region stands for”afternoon”, another half means”night”.