World War I –wristwatch Generation Beginning

Though archival records about wristwatches exist as early as the 16th century, or even more precisely timepieces fixed to a bracelet, the initial big quantity of the kind of timepiece — two million watches — was produced in 1880 from the Swiss company Girard — Perregaux and delivered into Emperor Wilhelm II for his or her officers.The wider utilization of wristwatches arrived in World War I. The very first wristwatches were created for soldiers and they often had a protective grille over the glass, in order to avoid damage from shrapnel or sand. Hands of this watch and dials were coated with illuminating substance to make them visible in the dark. In the casing, which resembled that of a pocket watch, were wire loops on which strap was attached. The lid was fastened using a hinge and could be opened by unhinging it. In addition to soldiers on earth, wristwatches were very beneficial for pilots who used them to calculate the amount of consumed or respectively remaining fuel.


Watches had extended straps so they could be worn across the sleeve, and a big protruding crown that allowed for winding without removing the gloves.